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Monday, May 7, 2012

Noah VB Update

Greetings to all our Noah Volley Ball families:

We wanted to give you an update on our schedule for Noah VB conditioning which is scheduled to start in one week.

Here is a note from Coach Eddie:

We will have general skills training on Monday nights beginning May 14th from 5:30-7:30pm.  We will also have conditioning workouts on Tuesdays beginning May 15th from 5:30-6:30 or so.  We may go a bit longer some days.

All of the summer workouts are voluntary and free for the girls to attend and see if volleyball is the sport for them.  We will then have tryouts the first week of July and begin regular practices Mon, Tues, Thurs the next week.


Our NOAH home gym is the church gym at Christian Chapel, 7807 E 76th St, Tulsa. (use the NE entrance).

Please remember to bring your filled out and signed medical release form to the first practice.  I have added the attachment again just in case you didn't receive it.

You can download the form at the NOAH Jags website here:

Have a wonderful week,

Anna Paquette

FW: Test Volleyball Blog

This is a test to the NOAH Volleyball Blog.  If you receive this, you can ignore it.



Dave Schatzmann

NOAH Jags Assistant Volleyball Coach

Friday, October 21, 2011

NOAH Advances To Quarter Finals; Falls to #1, Parker-Tarrant

  NOAH Advances To Quarter Finals; Falls to #1, Parker-Tarrant

   The varsity Jaguar volleyball squad made a deep run, into the championship bracket of the National Christian Homeschool Championship Volleyball Tournament, this week. Pool play started the event on Thursday. NOAH's 3-1-1 results in 5 matches was enough to earn one of 8 spots in the 6A Championship bracket.
   The first hurdle of the Gold Ball Bracket was to defeat the #1 Homeschool Volleyball team in the nation, from Weatherford, TX.

   NOAH continues competition in the 5A consolation brackets on Saturday. playing Kansas City Metro Mavericks at 9:30am, Saturday. Baptist Bible College is the host venue. The other 5A match features Noblesville, IN vs Huntington, IN. Winners and losers will play final matches at noon.

   The Tournament organizers commissioned the following recap:

PT Warriors-Fort Worth, TX vs Tulsa NOAH Jaguars, OK;

Set 1: The Warriors jumped out to a 7-4 lead; NOAH used a run to close the gap at 11-9. PT Warriors closed the first game with an impressive run of their own 25-11.

Set 2: Noah and PT are off to a great start 8-7 Warriors; 9-10 Warriors; The Warriors are on a nice run 13-9; NOAH goes on a run cuts the lead  to 16-13. PT Warriors show their strength and take a commanding 20-14 lead. The Jaguars fight back cutting into the lead again 22-18 PT leads. The PT Warriors advance to the National Semi-Finals with a 25-18 victory.

Here is a quick review of the Pool Play Results: 

The #1 PT Warriors & #2 Illinois Crusaders both went through their pools without a loss.

The #3 Cornerstone Warriors won all but one set in their pool, they split their match with the #5 Texas Tornados (the Tornados also split with OKC Stormin Mustangs).

The #4 KC Metro Mavs split with both the Impact Volleyball & the #6 Little Rock Flames (the Flames also split with the Impact.)

The #7 Huntington Eagles lost both their sets with the PT Warriors and split with CPRS Golden Eagles

The #8 Tulsa NOAH Jaguars lost both their sets to the Illinois Crusaders and the Jags split with the CHSA Wolverines.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Volleyball Nationals!

Good Morning, Everyone!

    Well, I know some of you have already left, but we will all soon be arriving in Springfield!  Yea!!  I know we will all have a great time while we're there!  The one thing I needed to check in with you all about, though, is your availability to help with books, libero and scoreboard.  Please let me know if you are willing to help with any of these three areas while we're in Springfield!  It will be a little confusing sometimes, with games possibly being played at the same time, so we need to have some kind of an idea who will be jumping in to cover these areas when game time comes around. 
    If you'd like to look at the u-tube sight again to refresh or learn, here it is:  GCVOA-referee.orgPlease volunteer for these positions, because we sure don't need just two people covering every game!     
Here's who I have right now that I believe is willing to help.  Please let me know if this is wrong (if I have you down and you can't do it) or if you would be willing to be added to the list.

JH:    Books - Leatherland, Snipes
         Scoreboard - Leatherland, Snipes

JV:    Books - Snipes, Donegan, Jesperson
         Scoreboard - Snipes, Donegan, Jesperson, Collingsworth

V:     Books - Hightower, Bensch, Murphy
         Libero - Hightower, Bensch, Murphy
         Scoreboard - Hightower, Bensch, Murphy

Thanks so much,
918-724-4396 (cell)
918-250-1450 (home)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Re: Volleyball Volunteers - Oct 1st and Oct 6th

Good Morning Everyone!

    Well, tonight is the last game at our home gym for the season!  Can you believe it?  It has been such a fun season, too!   And thank you all for being such a willing bunch of families to work so our home games can be so enjoyable!  You all are great!!
    Tonight we are playing Mingo, but it is their actual "home" game, so our workload is light.  Below is what we're covering and who we have working.  We still need someone to work the JV Concessions at 6:00, so if a JH or varsity parent or player would step in to help, we would appreciate it a lot!! 


Thursday, October 6 - NOAH vs. Mingo

Concession Stand
JH    5:00    Schatzmann and Burton
JV    6:00    ????
V     7:00    Leatherland

Cashion, Snipes and Paquette
    Collingsworth and Donegan

Friday, September 30, 2011

Re: Volleyball Volunteers - Oct 1st and Oct 6th

Good Morning!
    Well, last night was lots of fun at Senior Night!!  The food , the senior presentations and the volleyball were great!!  Congratulations to our seniors, Millie and Shanna!  You all have been such great role models and we all appreciate you both very much for your leadership! 
     As for tomorrow morning, It looks like all we need is 12:00 JV Concessions!   So, if one of you JH parents wouldn't mind, please let me know if you would fill this 12:00 concessions spot!  And I'm thinking that we are all going to be pitching in for clean-up and setting up tables and chairs, so I'm not going to worry about assigning an additional clean-up person.  I've gone ahead and attached the schedule for tomorrow, but also have it below.
     See you all at the football game tonight!  And don't forget to wear your volleyball jerseys, shirts or hoodies!   I think it's going to be a little colder tonight, so come prepared!


Saturday, October 1st - 10:00 JH, 11:00 JH and 12:00 JV - NOAH vs. Storm and Mustang


10:00    Heath
11:00    Collingsworth
12:00    Snipes

10:00    Jesperson
11:00    Donegan
12:00    Murphy

10:00    Hightower
11:00    Bensch
12:00    Leatherland
    Libero    Snipes

Concession Stand
10:00    Schatzmann
11:00    Jesperson
12:00    ????

Donegan, Collingsworth and Snipes

Hamilton (and everyone else!)

Line Judges
10:00 - Amanda Schatzmann and Anna Snipes
11:00 - Alex Bensch and Elise Collingsworth
12:00 - Anna Hicks and Laura Hartje

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Re: Volleyball Volunteers - Oct 1st and Oct 6th

Hi for Wednesday!

   It looks like all we need now for Saturday is 11:00 JH and 12:00 JV Concessions and one more clean-up slot for Saturday.  Also, please remember about the need for your help in setting up tables and chairs in the gym after the games for a church event Sunday morning.
    For Thursday, October 6th, we still need one person to help for JV concessions.

Thank you all for all your help!

Saturday, Oct 1st Line Judges
10:00 - Amanda Schatzmann and Anna Snipes
11:00 - Alex Bensch and Elizabeth Donegan
12:00 - Anna Hicks and Laura Hartje

Thursday, Oct. 6th Line Judges - Mingo